Luxury Wireless headphones for $3 Grand

Denon Expensive Headphones

Talk about Luxury! What i am about to introduce you to is not three-grand but a slither away from that number, but worth every single cent. The experience that Denon brings is a Plush, genuine leather headband withstands extensive use and retains its aesthetic appeal. The detachable cables and luxury case for storage ensure the AH-D9200 headphones provide superior sound and comfort for years to come.

One person reviewed mentioned it was like an ear sauna. What a compliment!

Build quality is superb. Music is always clear and detailed, never fatiguing.

Another mentioned ” with five stars, ☆☆☆☆☆

These are outliers…

These headphones are simply fantastic for the price and I believe they offer the best value among higher-end models. Out of the box, they have a slightly recessed midrange, but many like that as they feel somewhat relaxed. I choose to correct it using EQ and these make an ideal “canvas” on which to create the sound signature that you prefer because they are just so capable. I use EQ to achieve a near-Harmon curve and they sound sublime. The bass is as abundant as it is accurate, never bloaty or boomy. Not that it’s only about bass, but that is a common barometer for headphone sound.

My previous headphone of choice, Focal Clear Mg’s, had the best bass I’d heard until these. They are now for sale. And make no mistake, they’re really good, these just make me not want to switch back to them. I’ve also had OG Clears and Elears, plus Audeze LCD-2 and LCD-X ’21. And I’ve borrowed Sennheiser HD800S before. These beat all of them. I’ve read of people preferring these to the $3K Focal Stellia. I feel very confident that you’d have to spend at least triple what these cost to get something else comparable. The only caveat is that as closed-backs, they don’t have much of a sound stage. If that’s super important to you then look elsewhere, otherwise give these a shot and don’t look back.

If you are intrigued like we are, head over to and choose the luxury experience for your hearing needs.